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The Western Arctic Marine Training Centre WAMTC offers a comprehensive curriculum of exceptional marine training programs and multiple Transport Canada certifications to get you on course.


Northern Canadians depend on their coasts and waterways for sustenance, to receive critical supplies, and to deliver products to market. Indigenous coastal communities share centuries of cultural ties to Canada’s oceans and waterways, on which they rely as a source of livelihood, food security, and transportation routes.

In the NWT and around the world, there is a great need yet a limited supply of qualified seafarers. This has constrained growth and affected marine operations. Industry needs candidates who are well-trained and prepared for success. 

Development of a qualified northern marine workforce to support and sustain northern business is a critical objective of the Western Arctic Marine Training Centre.

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WAMTC offers marine training and multiple Transport Canada (TC) certifications to a broad spectrum of northern residents. This is made possible by funding from TC’s Oceans Protection Plan. 

Classroom training is combined with practical exercises, presented at facilities and communities in Canada’s north. While the most extensively equipped training facility is located at Hay River’s Marine Training Centre, some courses and exercises will be delivered – partially or completely – in other regional centres and communities.

WAMTC’s philosophy is to prepare students for marine transportation and fisheries employment opportunities by making the training experience as similar as possible to a working environment. This helps students to understand the expectations and conditions that they will find on board a working vessel. 

WAMTC will actively engage and include Indigenous communities and corporations to deliver this training in a culturally sensitive and supportive manner.

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